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2022-03-16 14:42add comment as a testSamir Parikh1+1-0
2022-03-10 16:36update hello.cgiSamir Parikh1+1-0
2022-03-02 16:09add capability to encrypt client-side cookies to maintain state informationSamir Parikh1+234-0
2022-03-02 15:54get encrypted cookies to workSamir Parikh1+234-0
2022-03-02 14:03update hangman game to use message authentication checks to prevent tampering with cookie that maintains stateSamir Parikh1+3-2
2022-03-02 13:58update hangman game to use simple cookie to store stateSamir Parikh1+2-2
2022-03-02 13:52add mail_form.cgiSamir Parikh1+75-0
2022-03-02 13:48add feedback_sendmail.cgiSamir Parikh1+104-0
2022-02-25 22:19Merge branch 'master' of gitserver:/home/git/repos/cgi-devSamir Parikh0+0-0
2022-02-25 21:51add message authentication check to cookieSamir Parikh1+228-0
2022-02-25 22:14update formattingSamir Parikh1+3-3
2022-02-25 22:01get authentication error subroutine to workSamir Parikh1+30-1
2022-02-25 21:51add message authentication check to cookieSamir Parikh1+199-0
2022-02-25 21:50add message authentication check to cookieSamir Parikh1+29-1
2022-02-25 15:21initial commit to hangman game for message authentication checksSamir Parikh1+209-0
2022-02-25 15:14get cookie to workSamir Parikh1+199-0
2022-02-25 02:19complete second version of hangman that stores state within a cookie rather than in hidden fields within the formSamir Parikh1+39-17
2022-02-24 15:41update text field attributes to force numeric keypad on mobile when guessing numbersSamir Parikh1+2-0
2022-02-24 15:24initial commit for second version of hangman using cookies to store stateSamir Parikh1+187-0
2022-02-19 16:00update html table formattingSamir Parikh1+8-6
2022-02-18 02:55update game play logic to increment win counterSamir Parikh1+5-3
2022-02-18 02:50cleanup commentsSamir Parikh1+0-8
2022-02-18 02:48update table width in hangmanSamir Parikh1+1-1
2022-02-18 02:47get basic game play to workSamir Parikh1+102-20
2022-02-18 02:47fix .gitignore fileSamir Parikh1+1-1
2022-02-17 20:09add generate_html subroutineSamir Parikh1+28-0
2022-02-17 02:49complete process_guess subroutineSamir Parikh1+15-0
2022-02-17 00:18cleanup filesSamir Parikh3+1-1
2022-02-16 17:49add rest of current filesSamir Parikh21+749-0
2022-02-16 17:43initial commit; add .gitignoreSamir Parikh1+1-0