Samir Parikh's Repositories

NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
aoc2021Advent of Code 2021 solutions in Perl. Samir Parikh2021-12-02 14:16
exercism-perl5Repository for my Perl 5 Exercism exercises Samir Parikh2021-11-27 17:33
repository01This is the description of repository01. Samir Parikh2021-11-12 14:47
stagitPersonal fork of stagit. Samir Parikh2021-11-13 16:15


Welcome to my Git repositories where I try to share some of the coding and programming projects and exercises I am working on.

Please feel free to email me any comments, feedback and suggestions.

This portion of my site is generated by Hiltjo Posthuma’s stagit with updates by Oscar Benedito. Updates I made can be found in this repo. See how I installed stagit here.