Advent of Code 2021 solutions in Perl.
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2021-12-27 01:31cleanup code and remove unnecessary comment and printing linesSamir Parikh2+2-14
2021-12-27 01:27initial commit for to provide working solutionSamir Parikh1+110-0
2021-12-27 01:12update to provide working solution for Day 11 Part 1Samir Parikh1+76-1
2021-12-26 16:45initial commit for day11-1.plSamir Parikh1+27-0
2021-12-23 19:04clean up code for day10.plSamir Parikh1+2-16
2021-12-23 18:58remove prior attempts at solution contained in and day10-1.plSamir Parikh2+0-126
2021-12-23 18:56obtain solutions for both parts 1 and 2 for Day 10 in one programSamir Parikh1+94-0
2021-12-23 16:45update commentsSamir Parikh1+5-5
2021-12-23 16:43update to provide working solution for Day 10 Part 1Samir Parikh1+39-44
2021-12-23 15:25update day 10 part 1 solution to start to use new approachSamir Parikh1+74-0
2021-12-23 15:10add commentSamir Parikh1+1-0
2021-12-23 02:17initial commit for day10-1.plSamir Parikh1+56-0
2021-12-21 17:10update commentSamir Parikh1+1-1
2021-12-21 17:08combine programs for parts 1 and 2 into one program ( Parikh3+74-106
2021-12-21 16:49get to provide working solution for Day 09 Part 2Samir Parikh1+19-7
2021-12-21 16:24update but still have an issue I am "double-counting" neighbors of a lowpoint because I am not confirming whether it was already examined. Will try to update the height of an already checked location to '9' to prevent this.Samir Parikh1+18-2
2021-12-21 15:52update to figure out logic on how to deference array to find location heightSamir Parikh1+16-1
2021-12-21 15:23initial commit for day09-2.plSamir Parikh1+34-0
2021-12-19 22:20update with commentsSamir Parikh1+5-4
2021-12-19 22:17update to provide working solution for Day 09 Part 1Samir Parikh1+28-0
2021-12-17 22:23update to provide proper solution for Day 07 Part 2Samir Parikh1+5-13
2021-12-17 20:58update with notes about what I still need to do and correctSamir Parikh1+52-0
2021-12-17 20:43cleanup day07-1.plSamir Parikh1+1-14
2021-12-17 20:40initial commit for day07-1.plSamir Parikh1+53-0
2021-12-17 19:06update with final changesSamir Parikh1+2-2
2021-12-17 19:03clean up day06.plSamir Parikh1+3-15
2021-12-17 19:00rename to because we can use same program to solve both partsSamir Parikh1+0-0
2021-12-17 18:59update to provide working solution to Day 06 Part 1Samir Parikh1+21-7
2021-12-17 18:30initial commit for day06-1.plSamir Parikh1+39-0
2021-12-09 00:30update to get proper solution to Day 05 Part 2Samir Parikh1+9-13
2021-12-09 00:17update to start using newer logicSamir Parikh1+20-31
2021-12-09 00:15update to provide a much better solutionSamir Parikh1+21-35
2021-12-08 01:42add day05-2.plSamir Parikh1+70-0
2021-12-08 01:30update to provide working solution for Day 05 Part 1Samir Parikh1+13-14
2021-12-08 01:04add day05-1.plSamir Parikh1+45-13
2021-12-07 13:49remove filesSamir Parikh2+0-47
2021-12-07 13:45add initial filesSamir Parikh3+78-0
2021-12-06 20:38get to provide working solution to Day 04 Part 2Samir Parikh1+5-8
2021-12-06 20:27got to one final board remaining need to determine how to play it out to get the last number played from which we can calculate the final scoreSamir Parikh1+2-9
2021-12-06 20:21add day04-2.plSamir Parikh1+172-0
2021-12-06 16:10update to prelace if statement with unless statementSamir Parikh1+1-1
2021-12-06 15:59cleanup day04-1.plSamir Parikh1+5-21
2021-12-06 15:53update to provide a working solution to Day 04, Part 1!Samir Parikh1+29-8
2021-12-06 15:32update commentsSamir Parikh1+16-29
2021-12-06 15:15got logic to find column winner workingSamir Parikh1+24-10
2021-12-06 14:54add initial logic to check for winners in columnSamir Parikh1+32-8
2021-12-06 13:31update day04-1.plSamir Parikh1+25-10
2021-12-05 17:16prettify print_board_state subroutineSamir Parikh1+3-3
2021-12-05 17:12got initial game play workingSamir Parikh1+29-5
2021-12-05 16:59got initial version of play_turn subroutine workingSamir Parikh1+25-13
2021-12-05 16:07add subroutine to initialize hash storing board stateSamir Parikh1+29-12
2021-12-05 15:55cleanup after refactoring into initial subroutinesSamir Parikh1+31-29
2021-12-04 18:30add day04-1.plSamir Parikh1+56-0
2021-12-04 13:51refactor to provide a cleaner solutionSamir Parikh1+30-64
2021-12-04 13:11update comment in day03-1.plSamir Parikh1+1-1
2021-12-04 13:07refactor Day 03 Part 1 solution to make it easier to understandSamir Parikh1+9-13
2021-12-04 01:48got Part 2 of Day 3 to work nowSamir Parikh1+7-6
2021-12-04 01:37rename to day03-1.plSamir Parikh1+0-0
2021-12-04 01:31refactored code to remove the initial while statement which wasn't neededSamir Parikh1+59-20
2021-12-03 21:25update day03-2 to remove additional unnecessary print statements and logic checking codeSamir Parikh1+4-11
2021-12-03 21:23remove unneccesary print statementsSamir Parikh1+2-10
2021-12-03 21:20update to start filtering out those candidates that don't have the most frequently occuring bit at the current indexSamir Parikh1+71-0
2021-12-03 15:59cleanup codeSamir Parikh1+5-5
2021-12-03 15:56Merge branch 'dev'Samir Parikh1+0-1
2021-12-03 15:55remove use diagnostics from day03.plSamir Parikh1+0-1
2021-12-03 15:38Merge branch 'dev'Samir Parikh1+52-0
2021-12-03 15:35update to get working solution for Part 1Samir Parikh1+10-16
2021-12-03 15:26update day03.plSamir Parikh1+6-5
2021-12-03 15:21add day03.plSamir Parikh1+57-0
2021-12-02 14:16update READMESamir Parikh1+1-1
2021-12-02 14:09add Day 02 solutionsSamir Parikh1+43-0
2021-12-02 14:09add Day 02 solutionsSamir Parikh1+43-0
2021-12-01 22:08Merge branch 'dev'Samir Parikh1+1-8
2021-12-01 22:07update Day 01 solution to remove unnecessary lines as we do not need to compute the "overlap" as it is present in both windowsSamir Parikh1+1-8
2021-12-01 21:57Merge branch 'master' of gitserver:/home/git/repos/aoc2021Samir Parikh0+0-0
2021-12-01 21:53refactor Day 01 solution into 1 fileSamir Parikh2+29-16
2021-12-01 21:53Merge branch 'dev'Samir Parikh2+29-16
2021-12-01 21:53remove day01-1.plSamir Parikh1+0-16
2021-12-01 21:52add Day 01 Part 1 and Part 2 solutions as 1 fileSamir Parikh1+29-0
2021-12-01 21:33remove boilerplate.plSamir Parikh2+1-22
2021-12-01 21:27add Day 01 Part 1 solutionSamir Parikh1+16-0
2021-12-01 21:21add boilerplate.plSamir Parikh1+22-0
2021-12-01 21:21update .gitignoreSamir Parikh1+1-0
2021-12-01 20:58add .gitignoreSamir Parikh1+1-0
2021-12-01 20:41add READMESamir Parikh1+1-0