Repository that serves as my CGI "scratchpad" to try things out.
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hello.cgi (477B) - raw

      1 #!/usr/bin/perl -wT
      3 print <<END_OF_HTML;
      4 Content-type: text/html
      6 <HTML>
      7 <HEAD>
      8     <TITLE>Welcome to this Site!</TITLE>
      9 </HEAD>
     10 <BODY>
     11 <H1>About this Site</H1>
     12 <HR>
     13 <p>This is a site where I am trying to learn about CGI programming using Perl.</p>
     14 <p>To be honest, I am also trying to learn about git at the same time!</p>
     15 <p>You can find more information about this server by visiting my <a href="server_info.cgi">About this Server</a> page.</p>
     16 </BODY>
     17 </HTML>
     18 END_OF_HTML